What is coaching?


To me, coaching isn't about giving advice or barking orders from the sidelines. It's about being a mirror that supports clients in seeing what's standing between them and everything they've ever wanted in their lives, and giving them the tools to break through into their highest purpose. 

I am a coach obsessed with personal breakthrough and standing for my clients to achieve their dreams. My diverse professional background as an attorney, restaurant owner, sales professional and content creator for a spiritual thought leader gives me unique insights into obstacles people face as they transition through careers and are looking for meaning, fulfillment and direction.  I combine the lessons I've learned from decades of experience with years of personal development and emotional intelligence training to provide world class coaching to men and women hungry to reach the next level in any or all areas of life. I will only work with those committed to their own growth and pushing past their limits! 

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My Specialties

I am grateful to have a wide range of specialties thanks to my wide spectrum of life experience and training. 

Also please note that unlike many male coaches, I work exceptionally well with women as well as men. My female clients value having a male perspective on what they're working  through, especially when it comes to personal relationships and male/female interaction in the workplace. 

  • Professional Development/Changing Careers

  • Discovering/Recovering Passion and Purpose

  • Relationship Coaching and Masculine/Feminine Energy Modification

  • Spirituality and Spiritual Issue Coaching

  • Addiction Support and Recovery

  • Entrepreneurship Support and Guidance

  • Abundance Manifestation

  • Depression/Mental Illness Management and Support

  • Legal Professional Coaching

  • Professional Speaker Coaching/Training

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