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Hi, I’m Mat!

I’m an experienced intuitive coach for women looking to foster deep connection and personal empowerment so they can experience freedom, joy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives. Wow… that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? Let me explain :)

Let’s get real for a second. Do you feel like you are creating everything you want right now in your life? Don’t you feel like you’re meant for so much more? I agree - it’s time.

It’s time to unlock your unique magic and share it with a world that is eagerly waiting for your gifts.

It’s time to create beautiful, soulful relationships that nourish your heart and fuel your passion.

It’s time to truly own your voice, live passionately and unapologetically, and be seen for the Goddess you are.

All of this, and SO MUCH MORE, is possible for you… and I can help you get there. It’s my passion and purpose.

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